• Luxury House

    Condominio Terravista Villavista Golf 11

  • Pindorama Villa Charmosa

    04 (four) suites, home teather, 02 (two) kitchens, service quality

  • Oh, Bahia!

    Relaxing, nature, sports, laisure, gastronomy...

Luxury house in Terravista condominium

Cozy and comfortable home located in the Condominium Terravista Golf Trancoso Villavista. Four (04) suites that accommodate up to fourteen people.

The Villavista 11 has fourhundred and ninety one meter square built area. With excellent use of space. lush garden. detailed architecture and decor well combined between modern and rustic.

From any room the view is: panoramic, interactive with other environments and gives closeness to the pool.

Terravista Complex

The most fascinating and challenging golf course in South America Thu, golfers have the opportunity to play between the turquoise sea and the intense green of preserved forest, with the sound of waves and birdsong ... the player who challenges the Terravista find two completely different environments, like you're playing in two different fields. The first round (front nine) is played in Atlantic forest environment with humidity, temperature and landscape features of this region. The second round (back nine) is played near the beach with four holes located on the cliffs, the sea, offering totally different playing conditions and breathtaking scenery.
The Terravista Airport, is able to receive business jets and charter flights up to 100 passengers. Special values for owners and guests.
And the imposing Amphitheater L'Occitane , home of the Music Festival in Trancoso. A single space, striking and latest equipment architecture, which can be rented for private or corporate events.


Pindorama is administered by the company Viver Bahia Governance, specializing in hotel and property management. It´s mission is to have the house always ready, prepared, well treat with trained staff to welcome guests at any time. Thus, all home devices are tested and checked frequently. The annual schedule of preventive maintenance helps to minimize the depreciation of the structure of the house.

Employees are trained in: etiquette, good manners, good feeding practices, customer communications, fire fighting, first aid, basic maintenance, table service, beverage service (bar and wine). Adding value to the Villa, there is always a selection of great cook to command: breakfasts, poolside snacks, lunch, late afternoon and dinner canapés.

During the stay at the Pindorama, Viver Bahia Governance seeks viable ideas and needs of your vacation, offering a range of outsourced services.