Extra services

Extra services

The office from Viver Bahia Governance open conversation with an email, offering entertainment, convenience and service. Example: "Please find attached a shopping list where you can fill with quantities, brands or other specifications that are necessary to facilitate at the time of purchase. The filled list also helps to meet customer characteristics.
We will be restocking refrigerators according to the need of the day, especially fish and fresh vegetables.

The minimum value of purchases for delivery is $ 300.00.

Payment forms

First signs a Service Delivery Contract. These depends on an avant credit to be launched as a Opening balance, in a Report. At the end of the stay we will send this report to the Final Balance. In the email, will be attaching the purchase of notes for your conference.
We tax 15% of the total value of goods purchased.
And 15% on the labor value, which we'd presented.

Cook daily: R$ 250.00
Housekeeper dayle: R$ 150.00
Waiter daily: R$ 150.00
Barman daily: R$ 200.00
Ornamentation with tropical flowers each vessel: R$ 80.00
Plumber / electrician: R$ 150.00
Mountain bike ride: R$ 150.00
Quads Tour: R$ 150,00
Massage relaxation: R$ 150.00
Massage Metamorphic: R$ 150.00
Thai Massage: R$ 150.00
Technical biodecodificação: R$ 150.00
Techniques Osteopathy: R$ 150.00
Reiki I and II: R$ 150.00
Shiat-su: R$ 150,00
Ashtanga Yoga: R$ 150,00
Hata yoga: R$ 120.00
Tai chi chuan: R$ 120.00
Lesson with Personal Trainer: R$ 150.00
Observation of humpback whales (July to October): R$ 200.00
Scuba diving: R$ 200.00
Paragliding: R$ 250.00
Horseback riding: R$ 150.00
Stand up / paddle board: R$ 200,00
Surf lessons and rent: R$ 150.00
Kite surfing: R$ 150.00
percussion class: R$ 150.00
Capoeira Class: R$ 200.00
Presentation Capoeira: R$ 500.00
Presentation Pataxó: R$ 500.00
Kite surfing: R$ 150.00
percussion class: R$ 150.00
Capoeira Class: R$ 200.00
Presentation Capoeira: R$ 600.00
Presentation Pataxó: R$ 500.00
African Dance presentation: R$ 350.0
Apres. Belly Dance: R$ 400.00
Band music MPB, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Salsa and Axe: R$ 800.00
Panoramic helicopter flight, rental boats, rental vehicles in general,
Day trips to beaches in the region, To consult