Considered one of the most beautiful places in the world! Walk along the beach from Arraial d'Ajuda (about 14km),take a mud bath on the way at Taípe beach or rent a buggy and travel along the dirt road with natural red sand hills to Trancoso (36km).

From the "Quadrado" you'll have a beautiful view over its virgin beaches. Many artists maintain a second home here.

Arraial d'Ajuda

Ecological hike through the tropical forest in the Indian reservation
Whale watching between July and the end of October
Boat trip to the coral island where you can snorkle or dive
Beach walk from Arraia d'Ajuda to Trancoso
Eco Parque: a water park with swimming pools and slides
Hang gliding
Bicycle rent
Squad trip via a junle path to the beach
Various sport activities like wind and kite surf, yoga on the beach,tennis, golf, capoeira,lambada, forro or African dance classes
At night long, in the cozy street Rua Mucugê you will find several restaurants, bars and live music to dance on. Before entering this street, make your purchase on the hippiemarket and in the tourists shops on the "Broadway".

Porto Seguro

Shopping town with a small harbour and a beach with little bars and stalls. During the weekends it's popular to dance axé on several beach podia along the coast.
Visit the historical centre and museum.
On Thursday mornings you'll discover several interesting products, fruit and vegetables at the local market.
Diving school: You can take diving lessons, or make a boattrip to snorkel or dive.

Night live:from 5 p.m. stall are installed at the boulevard called "Passarela do Alcool". Order your cocktail made of fresh fruit, while scrolling around to see the local products.
On Friday and Sunday night a ferry goes to "Ilha dos Aquarius", the island between Porto Seguro and Arraial d'Ajuda. Apart from several aquaria there are 3 dance halls, all with different music.


After arrival cross the ferry and you'll feel the tranquillity of this small town which has only sand roads. No cars, only transport through horses. Caraíva has electricity since 2007. You have a choice between several pousada's and restaurants owned by Brazilians and 'gringo's'. The result of this mix of foreigners and locals is a convenient, international and peaceful atmosphere.
Take a boat or kayak through the mangrove forest or down the stream in a tire.

Boat trip or walk from this village to Espelho beach.
Visit the Indian reserve.
Rent a buggy ( includes a driver)to drive via the dunes and virgin beaches to the river opposite the village of Corumbau. Cross with a fisherman, have your lunch at this fishing village and make the same trip back.

Santo André

Drive via Porto Seguro along the coast to Santa Cruz Cabralia. Take the ferry to the small, exclusive village Santo André were tourism is still on a very small scale. Virgin beaches and an international atmosphere. It's worth to spend the night in one of the few exclusive pousada's in rustic style. We recommend to take a meal in the excellent, cozy beach restaurant Casapraia, were often cultural activities are organised.


Drive along the "Cacao coast" from Santo André via Guiau to Belmonte. Ask a fisherman to take you into the mangrove or take the beautiful boat trip to Canavieras and back.
After the boattrip you'll stop at beach town Guaiu to eat moqueca, a typical Bahian fish dish in the internationally famous beach restaurant Maria Nilza. This artist cooks on a wood oven.

Curuipe and Espelho

White sand, wild beaches. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil .
You'll find there some restaurants and exclusive hotels. Take the bus or rent a car to visit these well-preserved beaches or walk from Trancoso or Caraíva with guide.


Horseback riding, kayaking, sailing and snorkelling. Rent a buggy in Caraíva, enjoy the ride through the dunes and part of the virgin beaches, crossing the river to have lunch in this fishing village. You'll find restaurants and stalls on the beach and exclusive resorts.

Ilha dos Macacos

A three hour trip to the monkey island. You might like to walk the jungle path, fish, swim or just relax while the owner prepare a Portuguese lunch for you.

Recife de Fora

Travel agencies offer tours to the In Reef Marine Park 'Recife de Fora', a training of 17.5 square kilometers of coral reefs, of which only three percent are used for visitation and the rest as conservation area. At low tide forms natural pools that allow for fantastic snorkelling among colorful fish.
The tour of the Recife de Fora is held in schooners equipped with high marine technology, leaving Porto Seguro or Arraial d'Ajuda. Are 4 hours duration , visiting formations reefs to 5 nautical miles from Porto Seguro coast. This tour is only conducted in the weeks of full moon and new moon and the time of low tide.

Coroa Alta

There are also trips to the Coroa Alta's Marine Park, located 5 nautical miles from the coast of Santa Cruz Cabrália. It is the largest sand bank in the region, an island formed by coral fragments in the ocean.

The duration of the tour is about 6 hours , leaving Porto Seguro. The script includes a go and back to Santa Cruz Cabrália, where it leaves an equipped and safe schooner. After about an hour of quiet navigation by the river João de Tiba, sometimes bordering reefs and mangroves now, comes to the Crown Alta, which arrives and stays about an hour for bathing unforgettable sea views.

Humpback whales

During the breeding season, the Humpback whales seek the tropics to mate and give birth to cubs. The spectacle of the largest mammal on the planet can be awarded annually in the period July until the end of October .
The output for whale watching starts with a lecture explaining the ride conditions, the characteristics of whales, the migration process and the navigation and security tips. The tour is done in a boat type boat, sailing faster and provides bathroom, plus comfort with covered area, cushions, fruit etc.
It is about 4h navigation : 1h30 to reach the site, 1h observation and 1h30 to return.